NavXT Breadcrumbs is an add-on I developed for the PageLines Framework theme for WordPress and allows the NavXT Breadcrumbs plugin for WordPress to be used within PageLines Framework. Those of you who used the PageLines PlatformPro theme in the past know that this was a built-in option, but sadly it was overlooked with the release of PageLines Framework. No worries.. now you can use it again! NavXT Breadcrumbs is an awesome plugin that displays post hierarchy, not only for the benefit of your readers, but also to increase your site’s SEO rankings.

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Installing the zip file

Installing the zip file

First, make sure you have installed and activated the PageLines Sections plugin. This plugin must be activated before any sections will work. Just visit the PageLines Store within your WordPress admin to activate.

You must install the NavXT Breadcrumbs plugin for WordPress before using my section.
[pl_alertbox type=”warning”]Warning: This version of NavXT Breadcrumbs is for PageLines Framework only. It does not work with PageLines DMS. If you’re looking for the PageLines DMS version, click here.[/pl_alertbox]
Since PageLines has removed the links for Framework add-ons, I have uploaded the file to my site. To install NavXT Breadcrumbs for PageLines Framework, first download the NavXT Breadcrumbs add-on. Next:

  • Upload the original zip file (do not change the file name!) to WordPress admin –> PageLines –> Store –> Sections –> Upload. See screenshot above.
  • Activate the NavXT Breadcrumbs section in the “Your Added Sections” tab.

Choose Where it Displays

After you have installed and activated NavXT Breadcrumbs, visit WordPress admin –> PageLines –> Drag&Drop. The template areas which can use the NavXT Breadcrumbs section are:

  • Header
  • MoreFoot
  • Footer
  • Page Templates -> Content Area -> Template (Default, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  • Page Templates -> Content Area -> Blog
  • Page Templates -> Content Area -> Blog Post
  • Page Templates -> Content Area -> Author
  • Page Templates -> Content Area -> Tag
  • Page Templates -> Content Area -> Archive
  • Page Templates -> Content Area -> Category
  • Page Templates -> Content Area -> Search
  • Page Templates -> Content Area -> 404 Error
  • Page Templates -> Content Area -> Custom Page

Choose the content area type(s) in which you want the NavXT Breadcrumbs section displayed, then move the NavXT Breadcrumbs box to the left side to activate it. This section can have clones so you can add more than one NavXT Breadcrumbs section per template! Just clone it.

Set the Options

The NavXT Breadcrumbs section has only one option which is located at WordPress admin –> PageLines –> Site Options –> Blog and Posts. The option allows you to disable the NavXT Breadcrumb links. More information is available on the Blog and Posts settings page.

Additional NavXT Breadcrumb settings exist for the WordPress plugin at WordPress admin –> Settings –> Breadcrumb NavXT. I won’t go over these here because the author has made it pretty self-explanatory.

Customizing with CSS

If you’re like me and customize everything with CSS, you may find this information handy. The most important things you may want to change use these CSS selectors:

.pl_breadcrumb  /**use to change the color, padding, and margins of the text**/

#navxt-breadcrumbs /**use to change the entire section container**/

Change Log

Special thanks to Simon @ PageLines for the original code for this section. You should send him lots of email thanking him. He loves that.

  • 1.0: Initial release.

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