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Tech Guru and Recipe Mama

Hi there! I’m Jenny. I am a busy-body mom of two insanely active boys. Welcome to my corner of the kitchen!

I grew up the only child of a divorced family. I spent a lot of time at my grandmother’s farm where I learned to love (and hate) cooking. I remember countless summers of slaving over a hot stove while my cousins (boys, of course) were out in the field with my Dad and uncle. But since I was a girl, and because my grandmother was traditional, I had to help cook. At the time, I would get mad, but now I think of it as a blessing. The time I spent with her then means so much to me now.

Unexpected Surprises

Adulthood and one child later, I found myself almost 45 pounds overweight. I decided to count calories and incorporate a daily exercise routine. I lost roughly 40 pounds in about 6 months, but with a 1200 calorie diet, I felt as though I starved myself throughout the weight loss. Just when I thought my journey was ending – surprise! Here comes baby number two. Even though I didn’t crave boxes cases of donut holes this time around, I still had excess weight after the pregnancy. When my youngest son turned two, I was still 40 pounds overweight. I decided it was time for a change, but this time would be different.

Mmm.. Twinkies

I began reading weight loss books, not for their exercise techniques but rather for the nutrition information. I learned a lot about what to eat, when to eat, and why breakfast is important.

Did you know that when your stomach growls, you’ve waited too long to eat? I was one of those people who thought it was better to hear your stomach growl. I thought it meant my body was burning calories because there was no food in my stomach. I was wrong. What really happens is that your insulin has scraped up every last bit of glucose in your bloodstream and now your body needs more glucose to keep on chugging. This is when most of us reach for some Twinkies, but just remember.. the first thing you eat after a rumbling tummy will be stored as fat (after all, your body is freaking out!) so why not pick something a little healthier?

Becoming a Better Cook

So after all the reading, I began cooking more often and much healthier. I started taking old family favorite recipes – you know, the ones loaded with carbs and sugar – the good stuff – and making healthier versions. And do you know what I found out? These healthier versions taste just as good! And I’ve lost weight in the process.

So I’ve kept cooking like this on a daily basis. And now I’m sharing these recipes with you – it won’t even feel like dieting!

My Tech Background

I have been designing websites since I first logged on to the internet in 1995. Like others, I started with Microsoft FrontPage (yikes!). It wasn’t long before I felt the need to actually learn how to code rather than using a WYSIWYG editor so I began downloading everything I could find on the Internet with regard to HTML.

In 2000, I designed a website for my eCommerce business. Being introduced to PHP and MySQL for the first time was quite difficult but I managed to teach myself along the way. In the years that followed, I gained extensive knowledge with XHTML and CSS. In 2008, I stumbled upon WordPress. And I’ve been in love ever since.

I have worked on several websites since 1995, some for myself and others for friends. I have taught myself practically everything I know on web design and have a library of books to prove it! In December 2005, I decided to enroll at the University of Phoenix. In April of 2008, I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology and Visual Communication. Completing a degree in an online setting forced me to focus on deadlines, be highly organized and self-motivated, and work with no supervision.

Currently I am a Senior Project Manager for a kick ass Boston-based web agency. I’ve launched 31 websites to date which I’m super proud of, plus I am able to work remotely from my home in West Virginia which is perfectly for my family.

Fast forward to today. I’m glad you’re here. I hope we can enjoy some delicious food together!

Simple Mama

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