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Attack of the Baby Powder Monster

“Look, it’s AWESOME!” That’s what he said when I walked into his room. He was covered head to toe in a combination of baby powder and butt cream. Did you know that butt cream does not wash off easily?
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Why You Need to Delete WordPress Revisions

WordPress has a built-in revision system that stores each saved draft or post update. This is super handy but also flawed at the same time. Over time, these WordPress revisions can really add up to a lot of space in your database. I recommend…
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How to Remove a Google Malware Warning

I run a few WordPress blogs, one of which is the one you're reading now, but I also author another blog which deals with multiple advertising networks. One of those networks was affected with malware. Thankfully my site was not affected but…
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How to Optimize Wordpress Images for SEO

Learn how to optimize WordPress images for SEO. It is so insanely simple yet people just skip it. If you're one of those people, don't do that. Ever again. This valuable SEO tactic can bring in hundreds, if not thousands, of new search engine…
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Don't Waste Time on Meta Keywords. Google Doesn't.

I admit it, I was a meta keyword sucker too. Don't fall for it! Google officially announced that meta keywords have no value in search engine ranking. In other words, it's just a waste of time to throw keywords and phrases into the keywords…
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Google: Your Site Contains Malware; Me: Umm What?! My IZEA Malware Story.

This post was from a mom blog I use to write. Its content was too good not to share. Enjoy. This morning, I woke up to something super duper fun. Yeah.. for real. After some digging, I found out the error was related to a JavaScript…
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WordPress Blog Hacked? This May Help.

I've come across several WordPress blogs that have been hacked recently. But this is an unusual hack and you may not even know that your blog has been affected. You see, this hack occurs only when people are visiting your blog when coming from…